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How do you make a Lego Military Army Tank?

If you want to make a Lego army tank, you will need the following Lego pieces:

  • Tiles: Plates without studs
  • Slopes: Brick is a single slope
  • Pegs: These are inserted into the holes of the beam
  • Beams: Lego bricks with holes
  • Plates: Thinner Lego bricks
  • Bricks: Regular Lego bricks

The first step of the business is creating the chassis. After you put together the plates, beam squares, stud beams, frictionless pegs, and wheels, your chassis will be ready. This is the base of your Lego military tank.

Now, you will have to build the main body. While creating a ‘rainbow’ structure beneath the beige top plates might not seem like the ideal way to go, you can do so. However, this will depend on your preferences and the type of tank you are trying to build. Next comes in the side panels, which are very easy and customizable, according to your liking.

The last step is to make the turret. While creating the turret might seem like a tedious task, making it is very straightforward and can be done with the help of the above-mentioned components. If you have made the right measurements, your Lego army tank should be ready.