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LEGO has something for everyone and those somethings can be extra cute to possess too. From little children to adults, LEGO has a huge range of building sets with themes that span over the little details of everyone’s lives too. One such extremely cute capturing of the everyday lives of people is done by LEGO that gets visible in their coffee mugs.

Yes, you head it right. A LEGO Coffee Mug is probably the cutest thing a kid can have in its toy set or the coolest thing an adult can adorn on their study table. These LEGO coffee mugs might not serve the drinking purposefully but they are surely a delightful thing to have.

What are the different types of LEGO Coffee Mug available?

LEGO never stops with one model for a theme and their creative sets are what make it a favorite of people. On a similar note, here is a list of the various coffee mugs from LEGO that you can have-

  • LEGO Ceramic Coffee Mug- These are actual ceramic mugs by LEGO that look like the regular coffee mugs with cute graphics on them. You can even get the customized ones with names on them.
  • LEGO Upscaled Mug- These are real sized coffee mugs that can be used for dining purpose too.
  • LEGO Brick Mug- These LEGO mugs are built with the LEGO pieces and are life-size. They can be customized too with smaller details.
  • LEGO Coffee Cup Pieces- These are the miniature LEGO cups that can be added to other LEGO sets as accessories.

How to use a LEGO Coffee Mug?

Check the instructions of the product that you buy and follow the care tips accordingly. The life-size LEGO mugs can be used for drinking beverages but not very hot ones. Check if they are heat and wash-safe or not.