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What different types of LEGO Plane Sets are available?

Well, the variety is so vast that you would have some difficulty finding your way out with just one favorite. As we said, there is something for everyone and you will understand how upon seeing the following list:

  • LEGO Passenger plane sets- These include the models of popular, historic, and advanced passenger aircraft.
  • LEGO plane sets for promotions- Some of the newly launched aircraft also had LEGO models as promotional props.
  • LEGO carrier planes- These were the models of regular transport and cargo aircraft.
  • LEGO emergency plane sets- The emergency rescue planes of police and medical team were manufactured too.
  • LEGO adventure planes- These include models of the aircrafts featured in different animation movies, cinema, stories, and expeditions.
  • LEGO military planes- This is the most popular category of aircraft that involve models of the planes used in historic battles, armies, and military.
  • LEGO game series planes- These include plane models from the different video game series.
  • LEGOLAND planes- This was a unique series of planes that included randomly popular aircraft models.
  • Custom plane sets- LEGO also made some sets based on the regular aircraft that could be customized by the builders.

Can LEGO planes be customized?

Of course! LEGO Plane Sets have a high scope of customization where the aircraft fans can either build or re-build from the LEGO pieces as per their imagination.

You only need to have the idea and LEGO will provide the perfect building blocks to bring that idea into physical existence. A plethora of tutorials and building ideas are available on the internet and the beginners can learn from them too. You can even add these planes to different LEGO settings and make full LEGO scenes thereby.