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How should you store your Lego Revolver set?

Here is how you can store your Lego set:

  1. Get them on the floor – The first step of storing your Lego revolver collection is to get everything on the floor. You can mark a perimeter to that the Lego bricks and pieces do not stray away. Based on your estimate, try to drop all the pieces within this perimeter.
  1. Start the sorting process – Once you have gathered all your pieces in one place, you need to start sorting them out. If you are sorting it for your toddler, you can do so according to color. For advanced builders, you may have to sort the bricks out according to the shape and then the color. This process might consume some time; hence it is recommended that you make time for this step.
  1. Packing them up – After you sort the pieces out, ensure that you store them separately. You may require ample space for this. Therefore it is recommended that you buy storage boxes that are specifically made for Lego. This way, you will be able to store them efficiently.

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