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The Tiger tank was designed by Henschel and the production started in 1942. The same year, the Tiger made its debut and proved to be quite effective. Roughly, about 1,800 Tiger tanks were manufactured and had an impressive kill ratio of 10:1.

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Why are Lego Tiger Tank sets and figures considered the perfect toys?

Lego is similar to almost any other toy you will see in the market; if you try hard enough, you will be able to fit the entire story of the past few decades of child’s play into these plastic pieces. Known for their durability, you may very well find 30-year old Lego pieces that belonged to your parents.

The company calls it the System of Play; this allows the company to keep reusing the same molds to build infinite Lego tiger tank sets. This means that the more bricks you own, the more things you can build.

There are more than 6,000 Lego elements ranging from arches, wheel beds, and octagons to rectangles, cubes, and even small semi-circular hands. The bricks are also so precise that you will find pieces measuring just 0.004 millimeters.

This means that Lego tiger tank bricks and pieces are crafted with even more precision than your iPhone or television. Due to this, you can replicate the Leaning Tower of Pisa or a lego jet fighter.

In the 1990s, the sales of Lego started declining due to the introduction of video games. With the dawn of the Internet, the problem only started getting worse for Lego.

However, the company started diversifying its products and offered action figures and Lego-land theme parks. Lego then made a brilliant comeback and was soon named the ‘Toy of the Century’ by Fortune.