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LEGO sets are known for their reach over a vast variety of themes that are the most popular among people of all ages. There may hardly be anything left in the world that cannot be built with LEGO blocks and this makes LEGO Navy sets a favorite of both children and adults alike.

What different varieties of LEGO Navy sets are available?

There is no limit to ideas when you are realizing them with the LEGO pieces and the same goes with the navy sets from LEGO. You can make a huge variety of navy models and here are some of the examples-

  • Navy container ships
  • Navy seals
  • Navy battleships
  • Navy aircraft carriers
  • Navy soldiers
  • Navy coast guard ships
  • Naval battleship SWAT
  • Replicas of the popular Navy ships

The creator sets available for the structures above can even be customized by adding different details to them. You can even build an altogether new navy ship by mixing and matching the compatible pieces. Many navy accessories like guns, helicopter blades, small boats, flashlights, containers, etc can be added to the navy theme scenes to make them more appealing.

How to display the LEGO Navy structures?

The method of display largely depends on the size of the figure that you build. You can take the help of LEGO display cases and frames for the Technic LEGO figures or make a DIY case if your structure is bigger.