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Lego storage is all about organization. If you want to understand how you should store your Lego pieces, you can get some bright ideas in the section below:

  • Think vertically – With the help of a Lego tape, you can stick all the Lego pieces on the walls. This way, you just have to leave the bricks hanging off the walls, which is one of the best ways to free up your floor and table space.
  • Store it in a bag – This is the simplest idea of storing Lego submarine set pieces. Sort out your Lego pieces according to color or shapes and store them in different bags. This way, you will also be able to find the pieces that you require much quickly.
  • Lego table – If you can purchase a Lego table, it will provide you the best and most affordable way to sort and store your Lego pieces. Additionally, the surface of these tables is user-friendly and practical, thereby allowing you or your children to let your imaginations flow.
  • Lego organizing cubes – These are boxes made of cloth and one of the best solutions for storing Lego pieces. Additionally, the top of the cubes are transparent, thereby allowing you or your children to see what sets are stored in which cube, without having to dump everything outside.
  • Filing cabinet – A simple and quick solution for Lego storage is using your filing cabinet. These cabinets have a lot of segmented sections where you can store the Lego submarine pieces according to the shape and/or color.