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Lego Army Guys

The manufacturers of Lego army men, who are Danish, go by the trade name of The Lego Group. The company was founded in 1932 and it manufactures a wide range of toys. In 2015, it became the world’s largest toy manufacturer.

The Lego Group, however, is different from other toymakers. For instance, Lego army men sets do not have all those accessories, like tanks and helicopters. The company stated that they do realize that their fans’ age group is naturally at a stage of expressing their aggression and learning more about other people’s aggression.

Lego army guys lack some of the common pieces so as to avoid promoting harmful tendencies and behaviors in kids. Their main aim with the game is to help kids recognize and handle conflict in real-life situations.

Lego army men are made of plastic, which does not break easily. The material is olive green in color. The men are usually dressed in army attire and all figures are stored in buckets.

Lego Toy Story Army Men on Patrol (7595)

The Lego army men On Patrol 7595 was released in 2010. It is made up of four mini soldier figures and several accessories.

The full set has 90 pieces with the following:

  • A soldier carrying a gun.
  • A second soldier with a radio.
  • A third soldier who has a metal detector.
  • A fourth soldier medic with a medical bag. His helmet has a distinct white cross.
  • An easily buildable army jeep with a World War II design.
  • A stretcher for carrying army men who sustain an injury while on duty.

Everything in the lego army guys set is green in color, apart from the jeep’s black tires. The soldiers’ feet can be easily attached to their base plates without toppling over.

The pieces are great to play with all through until one finishes the mission. They give one the pleasure of being a commander while having the respect of their very own battalion of army men. One can make their fantasies come true as they have make-believe adventures with the soldiers.

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