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Apart from creating Lego Swat Team Sets , you can use Lego Swat Minifigures pieces for a wide range of purposes. Some include:

  • Gift box – If you do not like the fact that trees are cut down to make gift boxes, you can use Lego bricks as a gift box for your nerdy friend. Additionally, since it is Lego swat team, your friend can also reuse the bricks for other purposes.

  • Game controller organizer – If you have a lot of remote controls or gaming consoles or tend to get them jumbled, you can create some controller/remote organizers.

  • Accessories – Wearing normal jewelry might seem very mainstream. However, if you want to stand out from the crowd, you can create and wear Lego accessories instead. For instance, you can create accessories like rings, necklaces, earrings, etc.


Perhaps the best advantage of Lego swat team sets is that the bricks and pieces are their amazing durability. However, they are also a disadvantage since you will inevitably end up with more bricks than you can possibly store. Hence, here are some suggestions that can help you store these small pieces in a more efficient manner:

The Bin Method

For this, you need to grab all the Lego Swat Team Sets, Minifigures & Lego Swat Truck pieces and shove them in a big box. This method is more about like a storage method rather than organizing the pieces. Unless you do not have the time to organize the pieces, the bin method is considered the best option for busy parents.

However, the main disadvantage of this method is looking for that single brick that you are particularly looking for. If you are an adult that loves assembling Lego swat sets parts, you should be able to look for bricks and pieces quickly to maximize your hobby time.

Container with Dividers

If you are an expert Lego swat minifigures sets builder, you need to start by dividing up the elements into a box that contains separate compartments. You can use multi-drawer cabinets and tackle boxes for the purpose. One of the spaces can be used for storing gears, other for Technic pins, etc.

One disadvantage of this method is that it works best only for small and tiny pieces. You need to store long beams and huge lego plates in separate compartments. At times, you may use bins for larger pieces and dividers for smaller ones.

Kellbot’s metal Lego Swat Sets storage

At times efficiency may seem nice; however, the visual appeal also plays an important role. After all, who would want to have an ugly bag or box of Lego Swat Team Sets parts in their living room? Hence, you can use Kellbot’s metal Lego storage is an elegant and beautiful way to store and display all your Lego pieces. Additionally, you can also add stackable storage boxes.

This method allows you to store the Lego pieces by their colors. You can put the red bricks in one container while the yellow ones can go somewhere else.

While storage becomes color-organized, you will still need to find the brick that you need; of course, if you do not intend to use ‘strange-shaped’ pieces. If you are a normal Lego fan, then you should not face any problem with storing the pieces by the colors.

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