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What are the different types of LEGO Rifle?

LEGO Rifles belong to the LEGO weapon accessories and are Minifigures that can either be the resembling models of real-world weapons or represent any fictional weapon. There can be both types of Rifles- working and miniature replicas. The former shoot minute rubber balls while the latter is used to detail.

Following are some of the popular LEGO themes that featured Brick Rifles:

  • Star Wars
  • Space Police
  • Police
  • Orient Expeditions
  • Aqua Raiders
  • Indiana Jones
  • Blacktron
  • Super Heroes, Etc

There are many types of LEGO Rifle that you can get:

  • Blaster Rifles (Star Wars)
  • Old Rifles or Megaphones
  • Small Rifles like Pistols

How to custom-built a LEGO Assault Rifle?

As you have already seen, you can build an actual shooting Rifle Bricks with the compatible pieces. Here are some of the popular LEGO Assault Rifles build by LEGO builders-

  • A combat shotgun with pump action
  • LEE Enfield sniper rifle with bolt action
  • Desert Eagle handgun
  • AKS-74U assault rifle

The modern real rifles couldn’t make it to official LEGO launches due to the standard policy ban. The rifle Minifigure accessories can be used with other LEGO sets like those of Soldiers, war scenes, security guards, etc.