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LEGO has produced a vast variety of planes based on the models of popular aircraft used in the WW2. We are going to list some of the popular LEGO WW2 plane models for you here:

  • 2183 B-17G Flying Fortress Heavy Bomber WWII- Largest LEGO aircraft set with Minifigures
  • B-24 Liberator Bomber WWII- LEGO set based on the model of heavy bombers used in WWII
  • LEGO Vought F4U Corsair- Fighter plane by LEGO built on the warplane used in WWII and the Korean War
  • Boeing B-17- LEGO planes based on the model of planes used by the Allies
  • Japanese Zero Fighters- Small and detailed LEGO aircrafts

Some other LEGO WW2 Planes that have been custom-built include Hawker Typhoon Plane, German Jet Airplanes, Red Baron Plane, and many others.

Can you build custom LEGO WW2 Aircraft?

It is possible to build different customized warplanes of WW2 with the LEGO sets. Building LEGO planes that can actually fly have also been attempted at by different LEGO builders. You can take help from the online tutorials to build different bomber planes of world war 2 with LEGO blocks.

Other popular world war 2 lego items include: