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For all Lego enthusiastic, please find below the best Lego military sets for your taste. They are fantastic for your kids. They are also fantastic to build for educational purposes or to recreate historical lego battles and campaigns.

Lego Military Sets

The lego army sets case: In today’s time, Lego has become one of the biggest commercial brands in the world today, some even claiming to have become more recognizable than Ferrari or Coca Cola.

Since the company started back in 1932, a humble Danish carpentry workshop, the brand has grown massively, thanks to its iconic lego army base bricks and the yellow smiley face.

While the last two decades have proven to be very difficult for Lego military financially, it remains a household name and very popular among children.

As years have passed by, Lego army has released sets of varying themes like historical (Colonial or Medieval era figurines), pirates, firefighters, Star Wars, Dragons, lego army gunslego army helicopters etc.

While plastic toy lego soldiers have never gone out of fashion for kids, the company prefers to stick with its strict internal policy regarding its Lego military sets.

Lego Army Sets Policy

According to the company, a large number of LEGO figurines use lego weapons as a part of children’s role play. However, the Lego also recognizes that conflict is in play, especially among boys between the ages of four and nine years.

In most children, there is an inner drive and a need to experiment with their growing aggressive feelings to learn about the aggression of other people. Due to this, it enables them to understand and recognize conflict in non-play scenarios.

While Lego army sets acknowledges the ability of children to differentiate between play and reality, the company has written down a set of rules for many years. The brand aims to avoid lego military equipment and realistic lego weapons that the kids may recognize from hot spots (like lego war zones) around the world.

Since the company has some strict policies placed regarding Lego military sets, Lego does not produce Lego swat teamlego tanksLego Aircraft CarriersLego Battleship etc.

Lego Military Exceptions

If certain lego military sets are within a fictional manner, then Lego is willing to manufacture them. Hence, you will see some particular sets like the Star Wars theme to hit the regular retail.

Star Wars is considered the best example; apart from an assortment of Storm Troopers and Clone Troopers, you also get some military-themed pieces. Additionally, you might also find Rebel Troopers with torso prints to create moderately-realistic military figures.

The Star Wars theme is a very strong exception on the part of Lego and will provide you with a taste of the real-life military line. However, Star Wars was not the first to walk on this line. Before this came a lot of different military-themes.

Lego Army Set – Men on Patrol

One of the classiest examples is the Lego Army Men on Patrol or the 7595 series. This may seem very confusing and may sound like army figurines on a patrol on a lego jeep or lego Humvee. The 7595 series was released in 2010 and consists of four green lego army men that patrol on a Jeep.

This 7595 series will give you a taste of what actual Lego army sets could have looked like if it ever happened. Lego did an incredible job of recreating the Green Army Men from the famous Toy Story movies. These mini-figures have bright green torsos and do not look very realistic; this allowed Lego to get around the problem of ‘realism’ that was discussed above.

Race for the Stolen Treasure

Similar to the 7595 series, Race for the Stolen Treasure, or the 7622 series, is another great military-themed set. This set has grown very popular among Lego military fans for many years. This is because the 7622 series is just one of those Lego military sets that provide you with a wide range of military-themed vehicles and figurines that are more realistic than anyone of the Lego army sets mentioned above.

The lego army set was released in 2008 and the theme is based on the initial Indiana Jones. The theme might seem very familiar to The Raiders of the Lost Ark, the part where Indiana Jones is pursuing lego German soldiers to escape the Ark. The lego military set looks at this part for its inspiration and includes a jeep with a lego machine-gun turret, military cargo truck, and a range of German soldiers to man these vehicles and engage with Indiana Jones.

However, how does this theme sit with the ‘realism’ level that Lego has established for them? First, the 7622 series is based on a historical theme, as opposed to simply buying the military toys. This lego army set was made to encourage children to learn about history. This was one of those other Lego military sets that Lego has managed to produce for its customers.

Tremor Track Infiltration

The Tremor Track Infiltration set, or the 70161, is a more recent set that was released in 2014. This set includes some great small figures and vehicles that almost resemble a lego army tank. However, you will see that the tank is fitted with fists to prevent the tank from getting assembled to the full-tank mode. However, it may seem that the company plans on removing the arm function and build a turret instead.

This particular lego army set is a great example to demonstrate how the company manages to walk the line between creative liberty and realism.

Lego Military Set Conclusion

While you may not find full-scale Lego military set, Lego has been releasing army-themed under other brackets and licenses. This has allowed Lego enthusiasts to create their own military figures, while still maintaining to hold on it is original elements. However, since Lego is working to develop more adult themes like Stranger Things and Overwatch, it is not sure that the company will release actual Lego army sets. For now, your best options are third-party products if you are looking for Lego military sets.