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Why did choose the Lego WW1 tank models?

The prime reason behind the LEGO tanks sets being included in the war theme LEGO toys was to celebrate the historic event of the first-ever inclusion of tanks in combat in the world by the British Army. The detailing of the Lego WW1 Tank can be found similar to the model of the actual tanks that were multi-purposes machines for crossing areas, crushing barriers, assaulting, and supplying demands.

These LEGO tanks can be used as a part of the different battle scenes created with the lego sets. You can take help from the huge number of tutorials available on the internet to build the lego tanks and war scenes.

Are there different types of WW1 tanks by LEGO?

Since there were different types of LEGO WW1 Tank models, LEGO has also incorporated that variety in their tank sets. The most popular lego tanks of WW1 are-

  • Model of Tank Mark I (first-ever tank used in the Somme Offensive)
  • Model of Tank Mark IV (tanks used on a large scale in the Battle of Cambria)

You may even happen to find LEGO tanks of models Mark II and III. These sets can be used to make customized tanks too and with the help of other building block sets that are compatible.