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Showing 1–12 of 39 results

What makes the LEGO Soldiers special?

There are many categories of the LEGO Minifigures and the LEGO soldier set belongs to the category called Technic LEGO figures. These soldier Minifigures have distinctive features like-

  • Bigger in size as compared to other Minifigures
  • Physical proportions closer to the human physique ratio
  • Realistic detailing like human expressions
  • Lots of realistic miscellaneous details

The LEGO Soldiers can be custom made too and you can add as many details as you want to them. The physical details like injury spots and other marks make the soldiers even more appealing.

Different types of LEGO Soldier sets available

You can never have enough with the huge variety of LEGO Soldiers sets that are available in the market. No matter what your preferences are, some soldier sets will match them and if it doesn’t, then you can create a soldier as per your idea with the help of the LEGO pieces easily. With such a vast scope for customization, here is a list of some of the popular soldier building blocks:

  • LEGO world war 2 soldiers
  • LEGO world war 1 soldiers
  • LEGO German soldiers
  • LEGO British soldiers
  • LEGO swat soldiers
  • LEGO navy soldiers
  • LEGO tank soldiers
  • LEGO modern military soldiers
  • LEGO Army soldiers
  • LEGO American soldiers
  • LEGO Star war soldiers
  • LEGO Roman soldiers
  • LEGO Pirate soldiers
  • LEGO soldier sets for different battle scenes

, and the list keeps stretching further as LEGO builders custom create a different type of soldiers using their ideas.

Build custom LEGO Soldier Sets

In the beginning, you need to have an idea and then follow up by collecting the required LEGO pieces for your customized soldiers. You can either build an altogether new solider or re-build the existing models by inserting several add-ons. Either way, you will get good help from the separate LEGO accessories that are available at the LEGO stores.

Separate pieces of the torso, head, legs, and other accessories like weapons, caps, etc. can be brought and connected together. You can also take the help of online tutorials that give building instructions.

How to take care of the LEGO Soldiers Minifigures?

Safe storage and display of the LEGO soldiers are very important as they can break off upon mishandling. Here are some tips for it-

  • Store them separately in tackle boxes or small plastic bags.
  • Use closed transparent cases for proper display.
  • Make a DIY storage/display box for custom soldier bricks.