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How do you take care of your Lego Swat Truck sets?

If you want your Lego swat truck pieces to last for a long time, it is important that you follow the steps mentioned below:

  • Keep the pieces together – It is very important that you keep the Lego pieces together and not get them too mixed up. This way, you will find that ‘special’ brick within your large collection. If you need to mix the pieces together, you can store the ones that belong to a similar theme together.

  • Save the instructions – When you buy new Lego swat sets, it is important that you save the instruction booklet. While finding instructions on the web is not a tough task, there are often different variations of getting the same task done. Hence, it is recommended that you create a book with plastic page covers to store the instructions.

  • Avoid using decals – This is a tough instruction to follow, especially if you have Lego swat truck sets that are full of decals. This is because paper tends to wear off faster than prints. Additionally, the stickers mostly last for some years and high temperatures can cause the glue on the sticker to fall off. If you see the stickers falling off, you can scan a copy of the sticker and paste it later on the brick. Ensure that the storage is not placed somewhere with a lot of heat.

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