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The prime reason why LEGO has always held a special place among the toy enthusiasts is the emphasis it lays on connecting with the likes of people. LEGO grew into becoming a major business all over the world because it has something for every player with a creative mind. Many popular themes have also been incorporated by the LEGO games that have resonated high among the people and the theme of World War 2 is one of them.


From Minifigures to massive machines, a lot can be made by the LEGO building pieces. Let’s take a look at some of the popular LEGO ww2 sets!

WW2 Tanks

Highly advanced Military Tanks were used on a large scale in World War 2 and most of them were the heavy-duty ones. LEGO rolled out some classic Lego WW2 tank building sets like:

  • Tiger Tanks
  • German tanks
  • Military tanks

A lot of other iconic tanks that were used by different countries in WW2 have been replicated by LEGO builders. You can take ideas from these examples:

  • LEGO Soviet tanks- Remote controlled KV-1 and KV-2 tanks, MAZ-535 artillery tank, etc. have been built with the LEGO Power and Technic functions that give them precisely detailed and comprehensive look.

WW2 Planes

Aircraft were extensively used in WW2 and there were three types- carrier planes, bombers, and fighter jets. LEGO builders re-created some of the iconic Lego WW2 plane sets:

  • LEGO Vought F4U Corsair- This is the fighter plane model based on the warplanes used in WW2 as well as the Korean War.
  • Massive B-17G Heavy Bomber LEGO WW2 plane- This is the model of the Flying Fortress Boeing Bomber aircraft that includes Minifigures also.
  • LEGO B-24 Liberator Bomber WWII- This is the model of heavy-duty bomber planes used in WW2.
  • LEGO Japanese Zero Fighters- These aircraft models are the models of small Japanese fighter aircraft.

Some of the other LEGO WW2 airplanes that too deserve mention are the F-14A Tomcat jet fighter airplane, Chrome Flying Fortress, etc. The planes of WW2 also served as inspiration for the re-created Star Wars LEGO aircraft.

WW2 Soldiers and other personalities

The WW2 LEGO soldier Minifigures are an absolute delight to build as they are the Technic LEGO figures with very realistic details. You can build a variety of lego WW2 soldiers with-

The details like gas masks, weapons, costumes, and expressions of these LEGO Minifigures are unique. Figures like Stalin, Adolf Hitler, and patriotic Bull Dog have also been re-created with LEGO pieces by some LEGO ww2 sets builders.

WW2 Battle Scenes

You can even find LEGO kits for building important battle scenes and random Warfield scenes. Many LEGO building pieces are available in the market that includes models of German war bunkers, Army Helicopter attacks, aircraft carries scenes, and other military clashes. The scenes of the war-damaged cities of Warsaw have been custom built by many LEGO builders that are highly creative. The detailed look of these wars comes from the richness of the figurines added to them.


Anyone can build customized LEGO WW2 sets model with just an idea in the head. There are many custom LEGO sets available in the market that contain different parts and accessories required to build WW2 models like planes, tanks, LEGO battleships, Minifigures, LEGO aircraft carriers, battle scenes, etc.

  • If you are making miniature WW2 models, you can choose basic structures for the model that you wish to create and keep it simple. You can make WW2 soldiers with some weapons, small aircraft carriers, tanks, etc.
  • You can go on with making miniature models and combining them to make comprehensive Lego Ww2 Sets like planes and tanks with soldiers, a battalion of military soldiers, planes on carriers, etc.
  • If you like creating massive LEGO structures, you can custom build WW 2 battle scenes, offense attacks, war-struck city scenes, and much more. The detailed look can be given by incorporating required soldier Minifigures, planes, tanks, weapons, and other accessories.

There is a huge scope of mix and match where you can use pieces of your own LEGO sets as well as other compatible building sets.


No matter whatever the size of your LEGO set is, taking care of it is if utmost importance as you won’t like them to get dismantled at the slightest carelessness. On that note, storage and display are the two important things to consider, and here are some tips to sort things out-

  • Understand the vastness and size of your LEGO collection. Know the amount of the bricks too.
  • You can use small plastic bags or compartmentalized tackle boxes for storing the Minifigures like soldiers. For the bigger structures, you may need individual transparent boxes.
  • For displaying the Lego models, you can choose the right method as per the size. The following are the display options for the LEGO sets- tabletop cases, wall mount frames, LEGO display cases, and platform display cases.
  • If your Lego Ww2 Sets are more complex, try a DIY display or storage case for them.