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How to store and display the LEGO Swat Minifigures carefully?

Since the LEGO figures are delicate, it is important to know the right method of storing and displaying them. The aim is to keep them safe from dust and improper handling because they might end up getting dismantled.

You can store your LEGO Swat Minifigures in-

  • Tackle boxes that have small compartments for separate figures
  • Small plastic bags for each figure

Here are the safe display options for your Minifigures-

  1. Transparent display cases with platforms for clean arrangement and proper show of every figure
  2. Display frames for table-top or wall mount with a sheen cover for dust-protection
  3. You can buy the display frames or even make one for your own with LEGO bricks.

How to create a custom Minifigure?

Other than the Lego Minifigures, you can create unique customized Minifigures with different accessories, body parts, and other gear that are available at the LEGO stores. You can even mix and match LEGO pieces of different Minifigures form your collection itself to produce something fully unique.

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