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Lego SS Nazi 

Out of all the themes that LEGO has included in their toy sets, the ones of the World War 1 and 2 have been highly loved by the people due to their fascination with the engaging history of the Wars and the people involved in it. World War 2 resonates more with different emotions of people due to the dramatic angle that Germany added to it with its presence.

On that note, the LEGO Nazi sets became a hit among the people but also attracted certain controversies as people objected to the wrong representations.

How to custom build LEGO Nazi sets?

You just need to let your ideas play free while building with LEGO bricks and you have to do the same here. With the different LEGO German Soldiers, weapons, and other machines, you can recreate the battle scenes or make a huge set of collectible Minifigures too. These figures come in the category of the Technic Minifigures that can make great stand-alone figures too.

How to display the LEGO German Soldiers Minifigures?

You can use the LEGO display frames and cases to display your LEGO German collectibles in whatever way you like with full safety and dirt protection. For the bigger structures, you can try DIY cases.