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A typical Lego Pistol looks like a grey revolver (see lego revolver) with a large bullet barrel. The weapon is capable of firing a single non-explosive projectile in a straight line.

A Lego Pistol is a toy weapon that can be made of Lego bricks and can be used on a Lego figure. There are two types of Lego Pistol guns – one that shoots bricks and rubber bands and the other that remain static. Also available on our website are other popular Lego Gun sets such as the Lego rifle and Lego sniper rifle.

Can playing with Lego bricks boost the creativity of your child?

Construction toys, like Lego bricks, offer exciting opportunities for your child to create new things. These toys prove to be very beneficial for the development of a wide range of skills and abilities in your kids like divergent problem solving, language skills, spatial skills, and motor skills.

However, there is another way to have fun with these construction toys. It has been studied that Lego Pistol bricks and sets can help your children develop a type of non-verbal intelligence that can help them prepare for achievement in several STEM fields.

This ability is to visualize 3-D objects and manipulate spatial information in your brain. This is an alternative type of play and is known as structured block play. This is exactly what happens when your kids try to recreate a blueprint or model.

Children need to analyze what they see visually and perceive the parts they see as a whole. This way, they will need to understand how one part is related to the other. In fact, they may also need to think quantitatively to be very successful.

Lego Pistol Summary

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