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What all varieties of LEGO Navy SEAL sets are available?

The two Navy SEALs of the West Coast and East Coast involve many elements like the patrolling guards, fighter soldiers, war machines, weapons, etc. and all of them can be made with the LEGO pieces.  You might not find many official LEGO creators sets for the Navy objects but you can either get the custom build sets or build new Navy SEAL models from the LEGO or other compatible pieces.

Here are some of the LEGO Navy SEAL figures you can make-

  • Navy SEAL Patrol vehicles
  • Navy SEAL soldiers
  • Navy SEAL Squad teams
  • SWAT Navy SEALs
  • War machines used by the Navy SEALs

There is no limit to customization and you can go up to building war scenes, more detailed soldiers, weapons, and other machines.

How to safely display the LEGO Navy SEAL figures?

These figures belong to the category of the LEGO Technic Minifigures and need careful handling at all steps. For safe display, you can use the LEGO display frames and cases that are transparent and carefully built for dust-free storage and display. For bigger figures, you can get creative and make a DIY case too.