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How do you take care of Lego products?

According to the company, you need to wash your Lego war sets blocks by your hand and only use a mild detergent and lukewarm water for the cleaning purpose. Additionally, you need to dry the pieces carefully so that no detergent remains to discolor the bricks. You can either let them dry naturally or use a soft towel.

  • Using a mild bleach

If the Lego war sets are badly soiled, you need to use mild bleach. It is recommended that bleach is very mild. You need to soak the pieces for a few minutes.

  • Brightening up the yellow bricks

When the bricks get old, they start to turn yellow when exposed to too much sunlight, especially if the bricks are light grey, blue, and white. You can use hydrogen peroxide to rectify this issue. According to research, Lego bricks undergo a chemical reaction with hydrogen peroxide to bring back the original colors.

  • Washing the Lego parts in a washing machine

If you are looking for a quick cleaning solution, then washing the pieces in a washing machine is considered the best option. However, there is also a chance that the pieces will sustain some scratches. In fact, the company discourages its customers from washing the Lego war sets parts in a dishwasher or a washing machine.

However, you can choose to wash the pieces in a washing machine. You first need to pack the part of your Lego war sets in a cloth bag. You can then drop the bag into the washing machine and wash the pieces in a lower temperature wash. This cleaning method is mostly used by parents to wash sticky food stains off the bricks quickly.

  • Keeping the Lego pieces shiny

Tiny scratches can appear on transparent Lego bricks. Hence, you need to clean the pieces properly to avoid them from developing scratches. You can use wood floor cleaners to restore these pieces to their former shiny forms. Wood floor cleaners are liquid acrylic that is used to shine the floors in the olden days. Today, they are used to shine a lot of different types of plastic products.

Lego War Sets Summary

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