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What are some of the popular WW1 sets by LEGO?

WW1 is like a subject in itself with various parts and a set has been made on each of the important ones. Let us list out some of the popular LEGO WW1 Sets.


The planes were a crucial part of the WW1 for the variety of purposes they served. To build and own a miniature model of one of the iconic WW1 aircraft can be great fun and here are some of the custom LEGO WW1 aircraft-

  • RAF SE5a biplane with a machine gun
  • Dieselpunk bombers
  • Aircraft of Red Baron and Eddie Rickenbacker
  • Sopwith Camel


The British Army incorporated that tanks in combat for the first time in the world’s history and this is why WW1 LEGO tanks are so special. As per the series of tanks used in the WW1, LEGO tanks are also of many types-

  • Tank Mark I model
  • Tank Mark IV model
  • French Renault FT-17 Tank


The LEGO Minifigures of the WW1 soldiers are too much fun to build as you can even customize them as per choice. These LEGO Soldier sets have around ten or more Minifigures that can be built by mixing and matching the blocks too.

Battlefields and Trenches

Many LEGO Sets are also about the Trenches of WW1 which spoke about the difficult living conditions of war soldiers. A lot of LEGO masterpieces are centered on important battles and scenes like-

  • Battle of Cambria
  • The third battle of Ypres

How to customize LEGO WW1 Sets?

There is a lot of scope when it comes to creating custom LEGO sets of the WW1 as you can show a great display of mix and match with a unique idea. You can do it in two ways-

Re-create the old WW1 scenes or machines Build new scenes like trenches or battlefields with other LEGO sets of soldiers, planes, tanks, weapons, etc.